Monday, July 29, 2013

33% Down

This last week we actually had some rain... a half an inch last Sunday the 21st, and then another 1/4 inch on Thursday.... this 3/4 of an inch is about a third of our annual total.  Although not drowning, we made plenty of ruts in the yard hardened off by the 110 degree weather over the weekend with more in store.

Crop wise we are finally wrapping up our spring crops... we are making our final mildew evaluations on Bell Peppers and the various cucurbits... they will get the disk shortly.  But it never rests for long, we are planting more melons et al this week.  Bell Peppers are in the greenhouse for planting soon, same with the fall tomatoes.

Our cotton plots are starting to square, and the field corn we planted in March is ready to harvest--our team spent much of last week putting a fancy new concave and cylinder in our bigger combine.  As you can see in the rain photo on the right, the combine is taken apart and that cool looking green stack of iron on the pallet is waiting for the weather to clear is $7,000 worth of the latest technology to make combines run better.  We will see!

We are waiting for our first fall block to dry down now from the flat water a couple weeks ago.  When we prep ground for planting we normally disk, then rip to 3 foot, then plow it, then disk it again, then Laser Level it to 0 slope, pull up borders and fill it up like a bathtub, what we call "Flat Water".  Then a month later we get in and disk it again and put up the rows for our next planting.  We have corn going back in the ground August 9, so the clock is ticking!

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